JClubs Get Off to Flying Start

The JClubs Program

JClubs meet DURING school lunch times, at the same as Christian and Islamic missionary groups that work very effectively at high schools. In fact, JClub is the only Jewish program in Long Beach and Orange County that is reaching our most vulnerable high school students. The Jewish students that belong to Jewish youth groups, or attend Jewish Community Center and Board of Jewish Education programs are only a fraction of the number of Jewish youth in Orange County and Long Beach. A recent estimate says there are 16,000 Jewish youth in Orange county.

We our help, Jewish students set up clubs, get a qualified club advisor to help them create great club activities for the year, and send them free pizza for lunch. Fresh and kosher pizzas are delivered to each JClub meeting. We create regional opportunities for them to meet other JClubbers, and many students join their Club advisors for Friday Night Dinners. Most of our JClubs meets every week and reach students that are not attending ANY OTHER JEWISH ACTIVITIES.

Keeping Jewish high school students connected—enriching their sense of Jewish identity, creating a social network with other Jewish students—is essential to keeping them Jewish For Life.

JClubs offer the only forum for students to discuss anti-Semitism and organize opposition to anti-Israel programs.

With clubs that reach up to 50 students a week, last year we were reaching hundreds of Jewish children every week. This year, with help, we can reach 20 schools and 1,000 Jewish students.

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