The New Apostates Come To College

An apostate Jew, Jerry Levine, came to the Long Beach State campus on Nov. 9 disguised as a Peacemaker and spoke at the Multi Cultural center. The talk was unfortunate on many levels.

I taped part of the speech and then wrote to the people who brought him, some friends and colleagues of ours from the Univeristy. I quoted his lies and distortions. They agreed that his talk was not “peaceful” and perhaps should not have taken place.

That same day a Jews for Jesus man came to campus. I have now met him twice in as many weeks, and he is also active at UCI and Fullerton and Chapman. Does anyone listen to him or read his stuff? This is hard to say.

I was able to get him moved from the center of campus because he did not have permission to be in front of the bookstore. While he was upset, he had little choice when asked to move.

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