JSS Podcasting Bearing Fruit


We recently received many unsolicited email letters asking about Judaism, from students with serious questions about their Jewish identity and other issues. Many of these came through MySpace.com, the popular networking and friendship site where we maintain two profiles.

We wrote one month ago about the success of the podcast program, putting Jewish educational content out on the web for college and high school students. None of us could have imagined that the latest figures on podcasting are so high.

Since going live in October, JSS podcasts have been downloaded or played 12,651 times. 5,000 of those has been in the last month alone.

What this means is that thousands upon thousands have been listening to the classes that are offered locally in Long Beach and Orange County and reproduced in podcasting. Certainly many of these are students who are up to date on the latest tech ideas and formats.

Now the spike in questions and unsolicited email makes sense. Students are getting the podcast and feel that they can come forward now with their questions. Podcasting works, and is part of our multi-level webreach efforts, reaching Jewish students across southern California.

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