Jewish Student Festival: First Look

shabbos table prep

From one of the participants:

Jewlicious 2: At the Beach. This was the hottest Jewish conference this side of the Nile in the last 5766 years. 250 young adults, a wide variety of the coolest Rabbi’s you’ve ever met, interesting discussion panels about everything from Maddona and Kabbalah to the state of affairs in recycling, and a variety of attendants from the most secular heads to Breslovers and Chabadniks made it a 4 day party for the soul in the deepest sense of the word. Everyone was having a ball from the very beginning.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger Shabbos table than at Jewlicious and Rabbi Yonah and his crew really put together a huge spread of some of the best food I’ve ever had. Hours of singing, eating and a few l’chaims later, I found myself in a late night torah study with no less than 40 people enthralled by Rav Shmuel telling a story inside of an enigma folded up a tale about the Bal Shem Tov….

Aryeh 2006

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