JSS program recognized in the JTA

Jewish Student Services, co-producer of February’s talked about gathering, Jewlicious@TheBeach.2, was recognized in the JTA. In an article about Generation Y, the author used the Jewlicious@TheBeach program as an example of the interestes and passions of this demographic group. This is what JSS is all about. We have our finger on the pulse of Jewish life in America, and aim to respond to the challenges and demands of this generation. No Jewish student needs to feel left behind, or left alone. There are programs and ways to make every Jewish student feel at home in the Jewish world. Sure it takes time and effort, but can we afford not to?

At gathering, young Jews confirm findings about choice and diversity
By Sue Fishkoff
March 31, 2006
LONG BEACH, Calif., April 2 (JTA) — New studies of Gen-Y Jews paint a picture of a generation that is proud to be Jewish, avoids denominational labels and institutional life, is spiritual rather than religious, doesn’t know much about Israel, and is fully integrated into popular culture and the greater American society…. Jewlicious@TheBeach.2 [was], a four-day festival co-sponsored by Beach Hillel; Jewish Student Services; and Jewlicious.com, a Jerusalem-based blog.

The weekend drew a mixed crowd of young Jews, some wearing long skirts and knitted yarmulkes, the vast majority in jeans and t-shirts. They attended workshops about new Jewish music and the Jewish blog scene, got henna tattoos, formed a mosh pit at the closing concert and prayed in three separate groups, from Orthodox to egalitarian meditation.

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