JewHome: New Pro-Israel Profile on MySpace

Two weeks ago a new site appeared on the Myspace universe. It doesn’t have as many friends as myspace jews, but its on its way. JewHome Israel is described by its author, Rafiki, as a direct response to anti-Israel sites on Myspace.

In the face of Muslim extremist myspace sites going up right and left, i decided to create a pro Israel site showing how full of shit they just really are.
Response has been great, says Rafiki, with comments and friends are streaming in. Not only is Jewhome trying to counter the anti-Israel message of many pages, but to educated and unite Jews on Myspace.

One goal of this page is to bring as many Jews together as possible. Jews from all backgrounds, religious and not, reform and orthodox. It is to show every single one of them how Israel is truly their homeland, something that no one can deny them. It is also to be able to reach as many of us with important updates and news about the crazy times we’re living in. Please spread the word it is up to us to make this happen! One nation, One land, One God…

JewHome is not a project of any of the latest corporate attempts to improve Israel’s image abroad, its author is a struggling student who works on JewHome at night.

Lets hope Jewhome helps unite Jews and educates us about the importance spiritually and culturally of having Israel.

JSS has been working with to help JewHome, offering strategic, technical and financial support to reach more Jewish students

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