The New Year Ahead

applesJSS is committed to reaching every Jewish student with a positive Jewish experience, creating opportunities for friendships to blossom, and to learn about the importance of Israel. This coming year 5767 (2006-2007) is a year dedicated to bring home that message into more concrete activities than ever before.

Starting in High Schools, JSS has been instrumental in bringing a talented educator and youth leader, Rabbi Zalman Berkowtiz, to Long Beach. Together with his wife Estee, a teacher and youth group leader herself, they are committed to widening the scope of what is available to Jewish high-school students in Long Beach, Lakewood and Orange County.

Our college program will continue to be strong, helping Long Beach Hill to be one of the most innovative and effective Hillel’s in the country. We will enlarge our Shabbat programs, classes, social networking, webreach and Israel Action activities in Long Beach and across Orange County.

JSS works behind the scenes to make sure that Jewish students in our area have access to spiritual, cultural and emotional support. By working with existing organisations, we do not compete for the same small pot of communal funds, and direct our energies to our projects.

With that said, we are always open to new partnerships. Your tax deductible contribution will be put directly towards student programs, and not spent on salaries or bonuses.

If you are interested in supporting JSS this year, contact Rabbi Yonah at 562-355-2939.

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