JSS Helps Launch Jew Krew


Working on creating strong High School clubs has been a priority for JSS since its inception in 2004. Mr. Allen Alevy’s strong commitment to this demographic has helped to create a new Jewish student club organization in Long Beach and Orange County.

Jew Krew, led by Rabbi Zalman Berkowitz, will coordinate clubs throughout the area, rebrand the JClubs as Jew Krew Clubs, and run regional programming. Rabbi Zalman, a native of Southern California, is very much in his element, and the program has already proved fruitful. Students from many schools participated in a Sukkot party, and a trip to Knotts Scarry Farm.

A new Jew Krew t-shirt has been printed up and a website is nearly completed. Several new clubs have been launched this year, thanks to JSS support, and these will be profiled on the new website.

Jew Krew will become an independent organization in order to maximize its effectiveness and reach, JSS will maintain a strong material support for Jew Krew and continue to provide advice and logistical help to the new program. It is our hope that Jew Krew will be reaching 1000 students by the end of the school year.

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