Campus Rabbi Classes – Fall 2007

Always check for up to date information!

Tuesdays at Two – 2pm on Tuesdays – CSU Long Beach
Class on contemporary Jewish ideas based on the writings of the Sefas Emes. Meets at the University Student Union, University Interfaith Center Suite 103, CSULB.

This week in Torah
In Long Beach on Monday Nights starting after the High Holidays at 8:15pm. Please contact me if you would like to join this intermediate-advanced level class.

Rabbi’s Office Hours in Irvine
At the University Interfaith Center, 12-3pm, Thursdays. Or by Appointment

Rabbi’s Office Hours in Long Beach
At the University Interfaith Center, 12-2pm, Tuesdays. Or by Appointment

Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah Class
For beginners who want an A-Z introduction to Jewish history, culture, and spirituality in Long Beach. email to register

Pre-Marriage Class
For couples who are engaged to learn the tools for success in marriage from ancient Jewish wisdom and modern insights. Thursday Evenings. No drop in’s sorry! Email to register.

Roving Rabbi

I will be speaking at Chapman, Claremont, UC Irivine, CSU Long Beach, and CSU Fullerton this term.

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