yassinSpeakers for this past week’s “Islamic Awareness  Week” are infamous for their disdain for Jews, Israel, and anyone that is not Muslim. They promulgate vast conspiracy theories that place Jews at the center of a cabal that planned the World Trade Center destruction, created the war in Iraq, and even Osama Bin Laden.  They in turn, attempt to convert non-Muslims, and bring Islamic fundamentalism to Muslim American students.

The keynote speaker at UCI, Pomona and Long Beach State, Sheik Khalid Yasin, founded and directs the ‘Islamic Broadcasting Corporation Ltd (IBC)’, ‘The Purpose of Life Centre‘ in England. Yasin told the students at CSULB he was a “university lecturer” and a “sociologist” and then spoke for an hour about how he understood the desperation that drives Muslims to “retail terrorism.”  He said that however bad this “retail terror” might seem, it is nothing compared to “wholesale terror.”  The speech was an apology for terrorism, ignored all studies about the origins and causes of terror, and seemed designed to make Muslim students angry about being falsely identified with terror.

The disturbing side of Yassin’s lecture is his strong conviction that a secret cabal rules the world, headed by Paul Wolfowitz. This cabal planned the World Trade Center destruction, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

The Muslim students brought to campus a speaker that touted as a world renown scholar—he turned out to be a conspiracy buff.  He derided Homeland Security, President Bush, and foretold of America’s demise, unless we embarrass Islam.

Most likely due to our continued pressure, Malik Ali’s speech at UCI  contined not one reference to Jews or Zionists, our students leaders say.  For the first time in years, he did not insult or derride Jews and Israel.  At publication time we are still waiting for reports from Yyvonne Ridley’s speech.

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