Rabbi Yonah quoted in Jewish Journal about UCI

From this week’s LA Jewish Journal:

“There is great racism against Jewish students on college campuses within the Muslim student organizations. The speakers, the programs, the handouts are all indicative of a deep hatred of Israel and, in my opinion, of a very deep racist ideology,” Rabbi Yonah Bookstein, associate rabbi of UC Irvine’s interfaith center, said. “I have been — just this last week actually — the victim of that racism by Muslim students at UC Irvine. I was heckled when I was trying to speak to a group of high school students about the Arab-Israeli conflict. It was on Thursday; it was on campus. There is just a wave of hatred and racism directed at Jewish students by Muslim students. It literally permeates everything they do.”

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One Response to Rabbi Yonah quoted in Jewish Journal about UCI

  1. allysonrt says:

    UC Irvine, unfortunately is not the only egregious anti Israel, anti Jewish campus. This hatred, reminescent of the 1930’s in Germany, is the beginning of the second Holocaust, not only against Jews, but Christians as well. We are living in very dangerous times, and what happens on the campus, ends up in a few years in Congress, the Senate, and the White House. We need to fight this for the safety of democracy, and freedom. We will loose this is we give up, and we need to engage our Christian friends, as the saying goes, “first they come for the Saturday people, then the Sunday people. “

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