Matisyahu Shabbat Tent at Langerado

Matisyahu, world reggae superstar, was one of the headline performers at this year’s Langerado Music Festival. In order to observe Shabbat – and perform Saturday night — Matisyahu arranged for Shabbat to be held at the festival itself!

Thanks to support from sponsors birthright israel Next, the Shabbat program brought together Matisyahu and his wife Tahli, Rabbi Leibish and Dena Hundert of Montreal, Rabbi Yonah, and other staff for a rocking Shabbat program. All the logistics and food and staffing were arranged by Adam Weinberg, who worked tirelessly to make this program a reality.

200 or more people jammed the tent and overflowed into “Main Street” during Kabbalat Shabbat. The dancing was amazing and lasted for over an hour. When the dust settled we transformed the tent into a Shabbat Table, and hundreds ate a delicious Shabbat dinner before heading out to hear their favorite bands.

Check out this video from Florida’s Langerao Music Festival Shabbat Tent – notice tent on the ground. It blew down in hurricane force winds. No one was hurt and the show went on.

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