Kevin MacDonald topic of Community Meeting in Long Beach

Organized by the ADL and Professors from Jewish Studies – the issue of Kevin MacDonald is bigger than ever. No one in Long Beach wants a raving anti-Semite on campus who is loved by the neo-Nazi movement and White Power advocates. He should be terminated for good cause – conduct unbecoming a university professor off campus.

Forum held on CSULB professor’s controversial published works

From the Daily 49er online
Meeting about MacDonald at AJCC

Colleen Donnelly Editor in Chief

Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marching on campus in 1940s era German military uniforms, wearing yellow armbands with the Star of David and a massive letter writing campaign were a few of the suggestions brought up last week at the Anti-Defamation League sponsored forum.

The forum, held at the Alpert Jewish Community Center, was an opportunity for people to learn about the controversial works of Cal State Long Beach psychology professor Kevin MacDonald this past spring.

MacDonald’s work has been called anti-Semitic by several departments, professors and students, as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit civil rights law firm. The departments, including anthropology, history and psychology, have sent out statements disassociating themselves from MacDonald and his work.

The psychology department, to which MacDonald belongs, issued its statement in April after voting on it. MacDonald said, “I was not happy that a statement was made, but the statement itself was not as bad as it could have been. And the vote was 16-11 in favor of the statement, with a significant minority voting for an even weaker statement.”

The ADL emphasized the importance of the First Amendment and academic freedom and asked attendees to not call for MacDonald to be fired but rather that the university to disassociate from him. The ADL explained that because of the First Amendment, the university couldn’t punish him for his writings or the messages he conveys.

CSULB President F. King Alexander stated in an April 11 e-mail that, “Universities should be firmly committed, even at times when it is against popular opinion, to freedom of thought …” He also said that he personally disagreed with MacDonald’s writings.

In a more recent statement about MacDonald, Alexander said on June 20 that, “His views and opinions in no way represent the views of this University in any aspect whatsoever.”

An ADL member, Matthew Ackerman, presented information on MacDonald’s writing. Ackerman put together a report outlining reasons why the ADL believes MacDonald is an anti-Semite. The report included the ADL’s view of MacDonald’s ideology, his affiliations and his work, supported by quotes pulled from MacDonald’s work that could be viewed as anti-Semitic.

In the preface of “The Culture of Critique,” written in 2001, MacDonald writes, “My perception is that the Jewish community in the U.S. is moving aggressively ahead, ignoring the huge disruptions Jewish organizations have caused in the West (now mainly via successful advocacy of massive non-European immigration) and in the Islamic world (via the treatment of Palestinians by Israel).”

The ADL report claimed that MacDonald’s writings and his own personal blog are often linked on racist websites. It listed the Vangaurd News Netwok, David Duke’s personal website and Vdare as examples. MacDonald disagreed with the ADL’s labeling of these sites as racist.

“I think that the entire concept of racism as a term to describe some of these websites is a misnomer,” MacDonald said. “The fact is that organizations like the ADL and the SPLC regard as racist any manifestation of ethnic identity or ethnic interests by people of European descent.”

Don Schwartz, a history professor at CSULB, said that students are getting more involved now than ever before, such as the implementation of a student petition.

When asked if students could be mobilized to not sign up for MacDonald’s classes, Schwartz and Jeffery Blutinger, a Jewish studies professor, said that would only reward MacDonald because he would still get paid without having to teach, which would give him more time to write. Also, some of MacDonald’s classes are required in certain programs.

Several attendees supported the idea of protesting on campus in an effort to convince the administration to deny any connection to MacDonald.

About 150 people attended the forum. Among attendees were CSULB faculty, alumni and local community members.

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3 Responses to Kevin MacDonald topic of Community Meeting in Long Beach

  1. incogman says:

    Jews don’t like MacDonald because he nails you with real facts.

    Any White person who dares speak up about what your race is up to in the Western world or even your behavior in Israel towards other religions, is slandered as a anti-Semitic. That’s your gig to shut people up and we know it.

    You can’t let White European people talk. You have no problem with racial pride for everyone else but whites. That scares you. Keep up the attacks on us, because it’s only more proof of your perfidies.

  2. Alconnacat says:

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  3. LeammaToosy says:

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