The Low Prices For Jewlicious Festival 6.0

If you haven’t yet purchased tickets for the sixth annual Jewlicious Festival, they are still at a reduced rate for undergraduate students until January 15. Tickets can be purchased here. Your ticket covers (have to start with food first, since we’re Jews) Friday Night Dinner, Friday Night Midnight Meal, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, and Sunday breakfast. It also covers all of the events, sessions, music, and more! This year, for the first time, Jewlicious is offering a work-exchange program whereby you can work in exchange for admittance to the festival (you can apply here).
As for lodging, the cheapest option, besides staying with friends in the area, is the On-Site Overnight Pass at the Alpert JCC. According to the website, “There are separate sleeping areas for men and for women. You are required to bring a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat or air-mattress, and encouraged to bring a pillow. It’s a massive sleepover party. Locker-Rooms/Bathrooms/Showers: The JCC has separate locker rooms with lockers, bathrooms, and showers for men and women. Bring a lock if you want to use the lockers. Each locker room has approximately 7 showers, and the bathrooms/changing areas are spacious, clean, and nice.”
Nearby, is the Residence Inn by Marriott, which will be included within the Jewlicious eruv and will run $99 per night per room, although you can spread the costs out amongst your friends. Also nearby is an Extended Stay America.
We look forward to seeing you at Jewlicious!


About Rabbi Drew

The current SoCal Jewish Student Services Rabbi.
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