Walk to Remember at CSUF

Since being chartered as a new full-fledged Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter on Saturday night, Fullerton AEPi, which has been growing, its first event was to commemorate and raise awareness of the Holocaust.   Yesterday, they walked throughout the chapter walked throughout the Titan Walk at California State University, Fullerton, passing out flyers with information about the tragedy while wearing prominent stickers with the words “Never Forget”.

“We Walk to Remember” is a program that “is aimed at ensuring that the memory of the Holocaust and its lessons remain at the forefront of civil discourse on college campuses. By taking action and participating in ‘We Walk to Remember,’thousands of AEPi brothers will remind their peers and community members that the Holocaust is a human issue that deserves our collective remembrance.”  The walk was concluded with a Holocaust memorial project, as part of a partnership between B’nai B’rith International and AEPi, called “Unto Every Person There Is a Name.”  The latter is “a unique project designed to perpetuate the memory of the Jewish victims of the Shoah as individuals by publically reciting their names on Yom Ha’Shoah. By personalizing the individual tragedy of its victims and survivors, this project seeks to defy dangerous trends of indifference and ignorance toward World War II and the Holocaust.”


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The current SoCal Jewish Student Services Rabbi.
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