Inaugural Tikkun Olam Institute in Three Weeks!

In three weeks, the inaugural Tikkun Olam Institute (TOI) will taking place primarily in Long Beach and a little bit in LA on June 15th-17th.  Tapping into the energy around young Jews’ energy for working to improve the world around them, the TOI will be focusing on tikkun olam (תיקון עולם), (lit. “repairing the world”) through activities, speakers, and engaging with the Jewish tradition.

With more than a half-dozen different speakers as well as multiple activities, featuring cleaning up of the Colorado Lagoon, as well as an opportunity to do some shopping at Judaica shops in LA, the TOI seeks to bring together students on summer vacation as well as other young Jews in the area to wrestle with the Jewish tradition and work together towards a better world.  Whether they are from Long Beach, Orange County, the Inland Empire, LA, or even San Diego, this program is open to those seeking to help fix the world from a Jewish perspective.  Most of the programming will be taking place at the Alpert JCC, but will be taking place elsewhere, as well.  More information is on the TOI page at


About Rabbi Drew

The current SoCal Jewish Student Services Rabbi.
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  1. insecticide says:

    Pathetic Paganist pseudo-Judaism

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