Announcing the SoCal BBYO & Hillel Oral History Project

 Southern California Jewish Student Services is proud to announce the launching of the Southern California BBYO & Hillel Oral History Project.  The goal of the project is to record the history of BBYO and Hillel primarily in the Orange County, Inland Empire, and Long Beach areas.

The need: there is a dearth of a good sense of history in these areas amongst participants and members of these groups.

Why: It would be helpful for those involved in these organizations in both a general sense of understanding what has come before as well as helping to not reinvent the wheel.  Also, there there are many people around who still remember the histories, but they won’t always be around.  Moreover, many of them would love to share their stories from their time involved in these organizations and groups with those who are not only in them presently, but for those involved in the future, as well.

The plan: To gather people’s stories, whether through being written them up or through interviews (and transcriptions thereof), throughout the fall and early winter of 2011 and to put them together in the late winter and early spring of 2012 into a book.


About Rabbi Drew

The current SoCal Jewish Student Services Rabbi.
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One Response to Announcing the SoCal BBYO & Hillel Oral History Project

  1. Rabbi Drew, I would love to be involved. As an alumnus of BBYO and an active participator in Hillel (alumnus of University of Judaism now AJU), I definitely have intel to contribute. I recently served a short term role in fundraising for SoCAL BBYO as well. A long time supporter of the organization, I would love to see this done WITH lay leader and professional help. KOL HA KAVOD! My number is 818-212-9201. Best email is I look forward to being in touch.

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