Witches & Whiskies

Whiskies for the special event

Whiskies for the special event

A special fundraiser event on Sunday for adults dealt in-depth with the Jewish textual tradition as well as endeavoring to be an introduction to whiskies. “Witches & Whiskies”, which took place on October 21st, was an opportunity to have an in-depth text-based conversation about witches in the Jewish tradition and was led by Rabbi Drew. The event which was for both young adults and adults, generally, was also an opportunity to experience differences amongst types of whiskies.
The drinks-filled discussion also served as an invitation for adults less familiar with the work of Southern California Jewish Student Services to experience some Jewish learning and to hear about the organization and its efforts.
Future similar events are planned; “Torches & Tequilas”, which will be an in-depth discussion of “Why Do We Light Hanukah Candles?” accompanied by a tequila tasting, will be taking place on December 9th.


About Rabbi Drew

The current SoCal Jewish Student Services Rabbi.
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