Haven’t Yet Signed up for Jewlicious Festival 9.0? Why Wait?

IMG_1773The ninth annual Jewlicious Festival will once again be taking place in Long Beach!  Mark your calendar for March 8-10, which is when Jewlicious Festival 9.0 (JF9) will be taking place and once again on RMS Queen Mary!  For a quick, brief description of the festival, enjoy the following (from the Jewlicious Festival website):

An agenda-free Jewlicious party of music, arts, and culture, for Jews 18+, with compelling speakers, amazing music, and delicious food. It all happens on March 8-10 on the Queen Mary (a seriously cool place if you have not visited before). There are no pre-requisites, and its for Jews of all religious, cultural, and political backgrounds.
The schedule features many kinds of programs spread over the three days. From concerts, amazing meals, and panel discussions on compelling topics, to a musical Havdalah on

the boat deck, a late night DJ session, and much more. We will posting more details of the schedule soon.
We expect 800 people this year alone and 7,000 have participated since 2005.



Tickets have been on sale for a few weeks and the prices are only going up.  Tickets are available here and increase for each month.
If you are interested in volunteering, please visit here


About Rabbi Drew

The current SoCal Jewish Student Services Rabbi.
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