Rabbi Drew leads discussion at CSUF on Hanukah

Rabbi Drew speaking at CSUF, 4 December 2013

Rabbi Drew speaking at CSUF yesterday

Yesterday, SoCalJSS‘s Rabbi Drew Kaplan spoke at California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) on the practices and history of the holiday of Hanukah.  Collaborating with the Hillel Foundation of Orange County, who supplied yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts and other snacks, the event was a great midday diversion for the students.

“It was nice getting a historical perspective of a very popular holiday.  And not just the older stories, but also where the origin of modern practices,” said CSUF student, JoAnna Hubbard. “I didn’t know that the dreidel game’s letters were Yiddish acronyms.  I also didn’t know that there was a conversation about how to light candles for Hanukah.”

“It was nice to have a rabbi come and educate us about Hanukah,” said CSUF student Arthur Detalia.  “It was nice learning about Hanukah, both culturally and how we perform candle-lighting, as well as the histories behind them.”

“Rabbi Drew led an amazing program with our Hillel students!” exclaimed Bradley Erbesfield, assistant director of Orange County Hillel. “His conversation with students was very engaging and  interesting. We had an amazing time learning about Hanukkah, while also having fun at the same time.”


About Rabbi Drew

The current SoCal Jewish Student Services Rabbi.
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