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3 Responses to Contact

  1. Dawn Kreisberg says:

    Please send me additional information about your services. We are starting new partnerships with many of the teen agencies in the Atlanta community
    Dawn Kreisberg
    Associate Director of Educatioal Services
    Atlanta, GA

  2. Please include as a link on this site. We have found it to be a lifeline for recent college grads as they move around the US. Our local site is:

  3. Deborah Shaul says:

    I read your comment about my community’s concerns regarding a potential Hillel building in our single family home neighborhood. This community, made up largely of Jews, is concerned about traffic, safety, noise, violations of land use, and the precedent that would be set for all of San Diego by the inclusion of large student facilities in designated single family home neighborhoods. To make a flippant remark about the Jews in the neigborhood being Anti-Hillel (falsely implying Anti-Semitism) is a cheap shot and demonstrates your lack of understanding of the complexity of this issue. This is an effective website, which reaches out to many. Please offer intelligent responses rather than low blows that garner support for the wrong reasons.

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